We are a Botswana based mining, exploration and project development company.  Since 2000 we have been working with strategic partners to  successfully commercialise the coal bed methane resources that lie beneath the Central Kalahari Karoo basin.

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The Botswana Coal Bed Methane Opportunity

Botswana has extensive coal reserves, estimated in excess of 200 billion tons of coal. Of this, close to 50 billion tons could potentially be exploited economically.

Within the country, 11 coal fields have been identified; two (at Morupule and Mmamabula) have been extensively explored.

Where the coal seams lie deep underground, conventional mining is difficult and expensive. Coal bed methane allows for the otherwise inaccessible energy reserves to be tapped commercially.

Coal bed methane in the region is an abundant resource of clean energy that will ultimately  benefit the people of Botswana, reduce the dependence on imported electricity and help diversify the regional economy. 

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